Revolution Recovery volunteering in their community

Clients at Revolution Recovery, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Surrey, British Columbia have been contributing to their community by volunteering at Salvation Army thrift stores.

Men and women from Revolution Recovery have been spending their Saturdays volunteering at their local Salvation Army as a way of reintegrating themselves into society in a positive way. This type of service work benefits the clients in many ways ranging from time management, organizational skills, communication skills as well as some valuable work experience all while benefiting a great charity like the Salvation Army.

As more and more relationships are established between Revolution Recovery and other community services and corporations, clients will have many options on how to do their community service work.

Being a volunteer allows our clients theĀ opportunities to network with others, develop or improve theirĀ skills in a myriad of ways, gain work experience, feel needed and valued, and most of all have a positive impact in the community.

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