Revolution Recovery

Revolution Recovery is a supportive first stage recovery center with a second stage after care component for men struggling with addiction. With 4 facilities available to help you in your recovery goals, we take a common sense approach to rehabilitation: We implement a structured program in a casual respectful environment.

Although Revolution  Recovery is a recovery & treatment housing provider, our individualized and hands-on approach to the services we offer for  men stand out from those of standard treatment programs across the country. We offer an integrated approach that includes S.M.A.R.T recovery, best practices psycho-education, as well as supporting the 12-Steps.

At Revolution Recovery in Surrey, British Columbia, our program works. We know that addiction is treatable and that supportive recovery is most effective when delivered through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual holistic process. Our addiction treatment program is formulated from beginning to end with solid evidence-based treatment methods and delivered by very knowledgeable, highly qualified compassionate staff.

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