Revolution Recovery Client Testimonials

My name is Brad and I’m a recovering drug addict .

Before coming to revolution recovery I was broken and beaten . No goals , no hope , no direction. I lost my soul and who in was as a person , with a feeling of no way out , but today because of revolution recovery my life has done a full 180 degrees and I’m happier then I have ever been . Going to revolution recovery was the best thing I’ve be done for myself and my family. While I was their I learned respect , patience , compassion , trust and most of all I learned to love myself for the first time ever. I know my family thanks revolution because now they have their son back and I get to be a son , brother and uncle which fills my heart with joy and gratitude . Thank you to revolution and all its staff for giving me my life back . Also a special thanks to Devin the director for keeping our dream alive. I am forever grateful.


Revolution Recovery showed me a new way to live. They gave me the knowledge and tools necessary to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. Before coming through their doors my life was a mess, but their friendly and professional staff provided a safe environment where I could share my story and attend daily counseling groups as well as one on one counseling. Revolution Recovery made it possible for me to stay clean for the longest time ever in my life.

Bjorn G. 

Revolution Recovery has shown me better way to live, without the use of drugs and alcohol.. I am forever grateful, and now have the chance to work with others that are struggling with addiction… Thank you for helping me find my place in this world, and who I was meant to be.


I have been in recovery for 8 years, in and out of treatment and recovery houses, working on myself, gaining awareness, yet struggling to stay clean. The time came when I truly felt enough was enough. Using drugs and dying was not an option. I came to Revolution Recovery lost and broken with a glimmer of hope for another chance at life. They welcomed me with open arms and provided me with the support I needed to develop true love for myself. After completing their 60 day program, I have become a volunteer support staff and now manage one of their facilities. To be a part of the staff at Revolution is an honor.  To be able to help my fellows get their lives back on track is a blessing. Today I have purpose, real pride, and I am surrounded by men who want the best for me. I am rebuilding relationships with my family and friends and taking responsibility for where I have been, where I want to go, and the man I want to be. I am grateful for Revolution Recovery. They treated me like a brother and helped me save my life.

Lewis P.